“an open platform for all creatives”

  TSUKURUNOIE is the hub for creatives in Hachioji: Tokyo west end. Hachioji used to be full of textile mills in times past, and you can still find old mills today. We renovated an old Japanese house just next to a mill, and opened here for manufacturers & designers to get inspired each other. From here in Hachioji, we believe that domestic textiles and other creative industry will develop further.


“resist and look beyond consumerism”

In consumer society, many people keep buying, using and wasting stuff on a daily base. However, craft production still strongly attracts consumers with the craftsmanship – the mind of people behind the scenes. People with the true craftsmanship are making because they found fun in it, not simply because of consumer demand. We share the story of “behind the scenes” to tell that they are enjoying making it, and are hoping you to enjoy using it. Being aware of this fact will really enrich your life.


“open and honest communication”

We think that our role as a hub for both designers and manufacturers is opening their communication.
As designers bring out the best in textiles, artisans do bring ideas of design. The open and honest communication build a solid and lasting relationship in business, and that will expand the possibilities of new design, textiles and artwork.