Okuda-Juku Textile Exhibition PART I

Okuda-Juku Textile Exhibition PART I


Okuda-Juku is a fabric printing school based in Hachioji Tokyo, that is part of the silkscreen printing company Okuda Print Works. Half of the programme is lectures and another is workshops. It has been held since 2001, and a variety of people learnt and created original works.

Actually their work is very sophisticated in terms of both technique and design, and which is the reason why we decided to hold this exhibition.

There was a special exhibition of Minori Ushida. She past away at the age of 30, and she left tons of great work that had been not shown until today.
Her fabric, cloths, drawings, collages, 3d motif, and many more objects are exhibited in a room like her own atelier. The surprising fact is that each piece of fabric was dyed and/or printed unbelievably time consuming process, and it was obvious that art was her lifework.

While the exhibition, there was a pop-up tea party at the house under the nice and beautiful light.